Document management: ensuring safety and compliance in the oil and gas industry

By |Aug 9, 2013|

By Cuong Tat, General Manager, Xerox Services, Western Market Centre
If you’ve ever been to an oil sands drilling location in Alberta, you’ll know that there’s a

Vous êtes dans une impasse? Sortez des sentiers battus.

By |May 2, 2013|

Par Trevor Salway, Directeur du Marketing Nationale, Xerox Canada

Plus de la moitié des personnes sondées par IDC ont déclaré qu’optimiser les processus de gestion des documents

Making the Complex Simple | How Reduced Busywork Can Help to Save Lives

By |Apr 8, 2013|

Raj Wadhwa, Industry Marketing Manager, Xerox Canada

“Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.” — Alan Perlis

This wisdom applies to technology as much as anything else

Meeting compliance in a digital world

By |Nov 1, 2012|

By Rahul Muzumdar, Principal, Xerox Services Canada

Moving from a paper-based workplace to a digital one involves a lot more than just scanning documents. This seemingly innocuous