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Xerox CTO Steve Hoover Shares Innovation Secrets

By |May 25, 2017|

In a recent podcast, Xerox Chief Technology Officer reveals to small business expert Steve Strauss the secrets to Xerox’s rich history of innovation.

Tablet-Like Experience
Customers today expect a

A Day in the Life of a Small to Midsize Business

By |May 18, 2017|

By Fred Ramsey

In the last four years, ConnectKey Technology® has helped countless small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) work better by combining hardware with a common set

Xerox’s Future of Work Tour Lands in Toronto

By |May 11, 2017|

By: Erin Gillard

Event focused on how Xerox is transforming the way businesses work

The Xerox global Future of Work Tour made a stop in Toronto this week

Can a Printer Make Your Business More Productive?

By |May 3, 2017|

By Gregory Pings, manager for Content Marketing at Xerox

“It didn’t come with much.”

That’s from Alexandra Levit, who speaks about, writes on, and explores workplace trends. She’s

Wish Your Office Equipment Worked Like Your Smartphone?

By |Mar 30, 2017|

Xerox engineers introduce technology that integrates office equipment with the app world, making it easier to get work done

Most office employees face daily, repetitive tasks that