Xerox Canada President and CEO Mandy Shapansky talks about the importance of nurturing employees with the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

With thousands of employees coast-to-coast, Shapansky believes building motivation and confidence is essential to keeping employees at the top of their game. She teaches her team that being surrounded by confidence and knowledge keeps your adrenalin up and your motivation to learn high.

New hires are usually very enthusiastic, but with time, some of that thirst for knowledge can wane and it’s the responsibility of top management help keep employees engaged and motivated. 3468

Shapansky believes in sustained enthusiasm built on:

  • Knowledge that the company’s products offer real and needed value
  • A personal self confidence that they can personally succeed and are essential to the team’s success
  • A sustained confidence in the team that supports and leads them

Confidence is enhanced and deepened through; skill development, an attitude of service, and a deep understanding that their ability and skill are critical to the team’s success.

At Xerox it is not just about confidence in the products and services that our employees are selling but in the individual’s belief in themselves.

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