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Mastering the Game of Change

Jul 28, 2015|Business Transformation, Innovation|

By Kevin Warren


Let’s face it, most of us aren’t big fans of change; we’re almost hard-wired to resist it. Change is difficult and threatening, and yet

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    GreenCentre Canada spins off revolutionary water purification company

GreenCentre Canada spins off revolutionary water purification company

Jul 21, 2015|Innovation, Sustainability|

By Patricia Hawkins, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Services, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Today we congratulate GreenCentre Canada (GCC) – a national centre of excellence working with

Five things you didn’t know about Xerox Canada

Jul 20, 2015|Brand, Leadership, Marketing|

For more than 60 years, Xerox in Canada has been known for its iconic product: the photocopier. Many of us probably still remember the story of how

Get Smarter about Sustainability with Greener Intelligence

Jul 15, 2015|Productivity, Social Responsibility, Sustainability|

By: Don Dixon

As general public awareness of environmental issues rises, corporations look for ways to reinforce their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to improve brand perception and

Thrive with Five: Meet the Xerox iGen 5 Press

Jul 7, 2015|Digital Print Solutions, Innovation, Technology|

By: Bill Michael

Chances are good that, over the past several years, your business has been impacted in some way by the changing environment around you. Your